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Full Moon Rituals – 11 Easy Ways to Harness Her Magic to Heal, Manifest, and Grow

Hi sweet soul,

How powerful does it feel when you look up at the night sky and see our gorgeous Moon fully illuminated in all her glory? Moon gazing isn’t a new trend, nor are Moon rituals. In fact, Moon Rituals have ancient origins because it has always been such an ever-present force in our lives.

The force (i.e. energy) of the Full Moon can help you bring light to the darker side of self (shadows), shift what no longer serves you, and create space for more of the ‘good stuff’. But what I love about it is the subtleness at which it does this. It’s such a calming and connective time where we can meditate, cleanse (e.g. release old thought patterns, habits, responsibilities, clutter and more), and recharge our energy, without needing to do a great deal.

That’s why I adore taking part in a Full Moon ritual to honour the incoming (and outgoing) energy.

“A ritual is the enactment of a myth. And, by participating in the ritual, you are participating in the myth. And since myth is a projection of the depth wisdom of the psyche, by participating in a ritual, participating in the myth, you are being, as it were, put in accord with that wisdom, which is the wisdom that is inherent within you anyhow. Your consciousness is being re-minded of the wisdom of your own life. I think ritual is terribly important.” – Joseph Campbell

A ritual is your own personal practice so there’s no right or wrong – correction, there are 3 things that I recommend you avoid whilst taking part in your own Full Moon ritual. To find out about those 3 things, check out my blog post '3 Things to Avoid When Practicing a Full Moon Ritual'.

Ultimately, your ritual can encompass anything that helps you come back to your own wisdom and self, whilst letting go with grace.

Here are my top 11 Full Moon rituals that you might like to explore the next time the Full Moon appears in your location (roughly every 28 days):

1. Charge Your Crystals in the Moonlight:

When using crystals for your own healing (or for others), the stones can sometimes absorb any negativity you or anyone else within proximity to your crystals might be feeling. This isn’t ideal when you’re wanting to receive a certain healing frequency from a crystal yet all you’re receiving is low vibrational energy. So in order to cleanse the crystals of negative vibes, you must charge them (this is an especially important practice before using your crystals for the first time). There are a number of ways you can charge your crystals but the most common way (and easiest I might add) is to place them under the light of the Full Moon and leave them overnight before collecting them the next morning. The most ideal places to set your crystals for their very own Moon bath is on grass, stones – anywhere that’s natural. However if this isn’t possible, you can simply place your crystals on the windowsill where they will still receive the lunar light.

2. Take a Full Moon Bath:

A bath is such a blissful experience at the best of times, but even more so during the Full Moon. Simply light some candles, perhaps add some Epsom Salt, and as you soak in the bath, revisit your intentions for the Full Moon (what you are seeking from the current lunar energy). Then imagine the Full Moon helping to release all that no longer serves you and restore every cell of your body to a vibrant and healthy state.

3. Clean, Declutter, and Organise your Home:

Although there’s a lot of emphasis on cleansing ourselves during the Full Moon, our external environment can also do with a cleanse since our external world impacts our internal world. As you look around your home to decide where to place your focus during the Full Moon, keep in mind the energy of each space. For example, the front door harbours the energy of abundance as new energy can travel through easily, so naturally you might want to give that space some TLC. The bedroom is a place of sacredness and relaxation so perhaps revisit the bedroom and decide if it provokes that kind of energy. In generally, decluttering is a fantastic practice during the Full Moon as it signifies to the Universe that you are ready to move forward – allowing more space for new and exciting opportunities to come your way. Another thing to consider is the state of your altar (if you have one). Check on whether it needs a clean – perhaps clear off any dust or adorn it with fresh offerings to those loving beings that you have created the altar for.

4. Meditate:

Meditation is such a beautiful practice to do anytime but particularly during the Full Moon. You can easily take part in a meditation by following these simple steps:

a. Get yourself into a comfortable position either seated or laying down. To maximise comfort, you can also use an eye mask / pillow, light some candles or incense, and play some of your favourite restful music.

b. Once you’re comfortable, close your eyes and visualise your dream life as if you’re already living it. To make the visualisation as real as possible, try to notice what you can see, hear, feel, smell and, taste (if appropriate) during the meditation.

c. Then once you have finished your meditation, you may like to journal about it to amplify the manifestation energy of the Full Moon.

5. Tick Off Your To-Do Lists:

Since the energy of the Full Moon is about bringing closure to some goals you had set out to achieve, it’s the perfect time to finalise and tick off your to-do lists. This doesn’t have to be a stressful time, but instead choose even just one or two outstanding things that you can easily do to bring about a sense of completion e.g. send out some emails that you have been intending to for a while or run an errand. If you don’t have anything on your agenda, then relax. The Full Moon encourages rest rather than starting anything new.

6. Perform a Release and Surrender Ceremony:

During the Full Moon, spend time with your journal and write down what you’re ready to release, that is, what no longer serves you. It can be about anything, just simply write everything that comes to mind but if you prefer to explore specific questions, here are some you can ask yourself:

a. What's stopping me from living my best life?

b. How can I release those things?

c. What would I like more of in my life and how can I get it?

Once you have done a full ‘brain dump’ of what you’re ready to let go of, or answered the questions above. you can either remove the page from your journal and rip the page into tiny pieces – as you do this, say to yourself “I release what no longer serves me with love” to signify your intention to surrender (then put the pieces of paper in your recycling bin), or safely burn the page – watching it burn and imaging that everything that has been weighing you down is now released. Once the page has fully burned, and the ashes are cold, you can bury them outside.

7. Make Moon Water:

Similar to charging your crystals, Moon water is essentially just water that has been set outside under the Full Moon to ‘charge’. Here’s how to make your very own Moon water:

a. Ensure you use either spring water or purified water so that it’s free from impurities and added chemicals.

b. Another thing worth mentioning is the way you store the moon water –stay away from using plastic bottles (they have the potential of leeching chemicals into the water) and instead opt for glass.

c. As you set the bottle of water outside or on a windowsill, place an intention for what you’re wanting to create, release, and tune into.

d. Leave the water overnight so the Full Moon (and nature) can infuse its energy into the water.

e. Then in the morning, you can drink your Moon water. With each sip, feel your energy increase and align with the intentions you had made during the previous evening.

8. Use Divination Tools:

The Full Moon, being that the psychic energy is greatly heightened, is a wonderful time to get clarity around what you’re ready to release and embrace for your highest self and potential. For me, using divination tools such as oracle cards, can truly help me find the answers I’m seeking. So here’s a suggested Oracle Card spread that you too can use if you have your own oracle card deck: a. Card 1: What blessing is this Full Moon energy amplifying in my life?

b. Card 2: What do I need to release to manifest my Highest Truth?

c. Card 3: What do I need to embrace to embody my Highest Truth?

d. Card 4: What additional messages are my Spiritual Support Team or Higher Self wanting to convey to me now?

If you don’t have access to an oracle card deck but you have a crystal pendulum, then you can use it to ask specific yes / no questions that relate to your highest self. Pendulums are wonderful divination tools to help you clear and heal what you no longer need which allows your soul truth to shine and flow through you with ease.

9. Soak Up Some Moonlight:

Quite possibly the easiest Full Moon ritual practice on this list, the good ol’ ‘stand in the full moonlight’ practice. Although it’s a simple one, it’s still an empowering and liberating experience as you gaze up at the moon and allow her energy to fully embrace your being – cleansing your soul and supporting your journey.

10. Move the body and dance:

Our bodies can often be the vessel of emotional baggage which can get in the way of us manifesting what we truly want for our highest potential. One of the ways to release the baggage is to dance and move our bodies. So put on some of your favourite music and let those hips swing. The dance needn’t be choreographed – you don’t even need to be a good dancer, because this is your personal practice and so you can move your body any way you choose. The important part of doing it however is to have the intention to release what no longer serves you, and to embrace what you’re ready to receive. Feel how liberated you are once you have moved your body in a way that it wishes to move. To amplify this practice even more, you may like to dance outside under the Full Moon.

11. Take part in a fully guided Full Moon Ritual:

One of my favourite practices to do during the Full Moon is to follow a specific set of steps to help me bring emotional healing and purposefully co-create the life my soul truly wants. These steps help to me stay fully present rather than worrying that I’m missing important steps during the Full Moon – which can mean that I’m not always able to maximise the potential of the lunar energy.

So with that in mind, I have created a fully guided Full Moon Ritual Workbook for you to download and print for FREE so that you’ll never need to worry that you’re somehow missing significant healing or manifestation practices during this beautiful time.

In this 25-page Full Moon Ritual Workbook, you will be lovingly guided step-by-step on how to prepare for your very own Full Moon ritual (you can personalise your ritual as much as you want to). Within the pages, you will find a beautiful invocation to the Full Moon to open up the space of healing and transformation, along with a direct link to my Full Moon energy forecast readings that I post for every Full Moon – this forecast will tell you exactly what to expect during the current Full Moon phase, what to surrender to, and what to embrace (among other things). Not only that, but there are ample opportunities to journal your own intuitive insights so you can fully embrace the potent energy of the Full Moon.

And….you can use the workbook over and over again each time the Moon is her most luminous and fullest! So gorgeous, click on the button below to download your free full moon ritual workbook.

I hope this article has inspired you to take part in your very own Full Moon ritual. Remember, it's your personal practice so you can make it as simple or in-depth as you want - it really is just a matter of tuning into what feels good and where those good vibes begin.

Blessing for the next Full Moon!


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