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How to Create Your Own Powerful Daily Affirmations

Hey gorgeous,

Want to know something really astoundingly amazing? You’re constantly creating your own affirmations daily whether you know it or not! So the words you say, the thoughts you think, the feelings you feel and the values you hold, all contribute the what comes into your life (the good and the bad). This means that you can become conscious of what you’re allowing into your life just by affirming different statements that mean something to you. And this is what’s called, affirmations.

A statement that affirms something to be true (or something that you wish to be true).

In my book, Eat Cake, I talk about how important positive affirmations are when manifesting your dreams. Purely because positive affirmations are a way of recalibrating your energy that you emit out to the Universe. For instance, if you’re constantly thinking about how stressful your job is, how the kid’s behaviour is incredibly testing, how your relationship isn’t working the way you’d like it to, or how your body is failing you so your health is poor, then that’s the vibe (your energy) that gets transmitted to the Universe.

Sometimes we don’t even know what ‘vibe’ we’re emitting which can be a scary thing! It can be likened to wearing perfume. You spray it on your body and it smells great for a little while until you can no longer smell it even though other people can. You become desensitised to the smell or desensitised to your energy to a point where you likely don’t even realise what thoughts and feelings you’re feeding. What if those thoughts and feelings weren’t healthy or supportive of your highest good? Well, that’s when you become one hot mess.

When this happens, you might be feeling:

  • Anxious

  • Worried

  • Stressed

  • Overwhelmed

  • Irritated

  • Uncomfortable

  • Fearful

  • Lost

  • Panicked

  • Alone….

So with that in mind, now that you know just how powerful you are in creating your own reality with your thoughts and feelings, it makes complete sense to start choosing affirmations that support you and your greatest potential.

In a nutshell, here’s how to do it:

I am [insert feel-good feelings] because [insert your specific desired outcome in present tense]

Pretty easy right? But let’s break it down a little:

1. Plan on how you want to feel and your ideal outcome

Your morning vibe (your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours) determines the rest of your day, so you may as well decide on how you want the day to play out by focusing on how you want to feel. Joy, pleasure, happiness, resilience, creativity, compassion, beauty, peace, flow, radiant, fiery, adventurous…the world is your oyster and you get to choose just how you want to feel in every moment.

So the first thing to do is focus on the major stress in your life and how that makes you feel (you may like to journal this which can be very therapeutic!). Then consider how you’d like to feel instead of that and what the outcome would be to create such feel-good feelings.

For example: Say my major stress is a lack of finances—I’m worried I won’t earn the desired monthly amount. Instead of having a lack of finances and the big stress surrounding that, I’d prefer to have the opposite to that—financial abundance and security (this is my ideal outcome or goal). But to become even more specific (specific is good!), I decide I’d like to be earning over $8,000 a month. So as I reflect on having financial abundance and security and earning over $8,000 a month, I consider how that would make me feel—grateful, peaceful, and happy. Now I can turn that into an affirmation!

The feelings I want to feel = grateful, peaceful, and happy

The outcome (goal) I want = to be earning over $8,000 a month so I can be financially abundant and secure

2. Use the words ‘I am’

Now it’s affirmation creation time! The first part of your affirmation will start with the words ‘I am’ since the affirmation is all about you. They say the world doesn’t revolve around you, but the truth is, it does! You are the world so it’s good to start the affirmation with ‘I am’.

Alternatively: If ‘I am’ doesn’t seem to blend well with your affirmation, you can also start it with ‘I feel’. We’ll expand on the ‘feels’ in the next point.

3. Include those feel-good feelings + because

Next, you’ll be adding the desired feelings that you connected to in the beginning.

Let’s use the example I gave. Since I want to feel grateful, peaceful, and happy because of the financial abundance and security in my life, then the key feeling words are, grateful, peaceful, and happy. So my affirmation is now starting to take shape. Now it reads:

I am grateful, peaceful, and happy because……

4. End it with the outcome (goal) you desire but in the present tense

The last part of your affirmation is where you’ll be including the specific outcome of what you want in life but it must be worded in the present tense.

Let’s go back to the example.

Since my desire is to be financially abundant and secure – to be earning over $8,000 a month, I can add that to the end of the affirmation:

I am grateful, peaceful, and happy because……I am easily earning over $8,000 a month

5. Play around with it

Of course, the first affirmation you create may need a bit of tweaking but that’s completely okay! It can take a bit of time to word it in a way that speaks to your soul, but in saying that, try not to get too caught up on getting it ‘perfect’ – the important thing is that you give it a go, test it for a few days, and see what unfolds. If you start to see some positive changes, then you’ll know the affirmation is working its magic.

But let's say you wish to change your affirmation but want to maintain the same feel-good vibes. Here's a few examples for inspiration:

I am grateful, peaceful, and happy because……I have more than enough money to live an abundant lifestyle

I am grateful, peaceful, and happy because……the Universe constantly reminds me of how financially rich I truly am

I am grateful, peaceful, and happy because……money flows to me so effortlessly that I can now give more to others

I am grateful, peaceful, and happy because……I am financially abundant and secure

6. Something or somewhere better

If your affirmation is very specific, then I highly recommend you add:

‘or something (or somewhere) better’

to the end of the affirmation to ensure that you’re always getting the premium outcome of your desire. For example, your affirmation may be specific to: I am enjoying living in my gorgeous beach house on the coast of Port Douglas but how do you know that that’s the BEST outcome? There may be an even better location that’s better suited to your needs and lifestyle. So with that said, just add 'or somewhere better' to the end of it to make it really powerful. The affirmation would then become: I am enjoying living in my gorgeous beach house on the coast of Port Douglas or somewhere better.

7. Keep in mind some simple recommendations

Creating an affirmation is such an exciting thing to do (and so powerful!) however there are a few pointers to consider:

  • Keep your affirmation brief – you don’t want to make it so wordy that you forget what the affirmation actually is

  • Make it specific so you can connect to the feelings and outcome easily

  • Make your affirmation about you instead of about anyone else (only you have the power over your own life but not the lives of others)

8. Rinse and Repeat

Now that you have created your affirmation, what do you do with it?

a. Firstly, you’ll need to make the affirmation easily viewable or accessible. Here are some creative ways you could do it:

  • Keep your affirmation by your bedside table: You might like to write your affirmation on a piece of paper and keep it on your bedside table to read and connect to every morning before you start the day and every evening before you go to bed. Repeat the affirmation 5 – 10 times at a time.

  • Create affirmation art: Write your affirmation on pretty paper and decorate it with stickers and glitter, take a photo of it and use the photo as your background wallpaper on your phone or another device. Or hang your affirmation art somewhere where you’ll notice it often.

  • Create sticky notes: Write your affirmation on sticky notes and place them in places where you’ll be spending a lot of your time so you can instantly connect to the feelings and goal (outcome).

  • Record your affirmation: Record your voice repeating the affirmation numerous times and then listen to the recording every morning and evening.

  • Look in the Mirror: Look at yourself in the mirror whilst repeating the affirmations 5 – 10 times while you focus on the feelings and outcome. After you’re done, take a deep breath to allow your body to absorb the positive feelings and affirmation.

  • Set up your alarm with the affirmation as your alarm name: Set your alarm to go off at various times of the day with the alarm name being your affirmation. When the alarm goes off, say the affirmation out loud 3 – 5 times and soak in the feel-good feelings!

b. Next, connect to the affirmation. As you read out loud the affirmation, try to feel into the feelings. Try to invoke the same feelings so you become a vibrational match to the affirmation itself by replicating how the feeling would sound in your voice. For instance, if my affirmation speaks of being ‘happy’, then my voice is going to sound enthusiastic and uplifting. If my affirmation speaks of calm and peace, then my voice is going to sound very relaxed and the words will be spoken slowly.

c. Repeat this process every day for at least 30 days to ensure you build momentum around your desires.

So there you have it gorgeous; a very easy way to create your own feeling-good goal-inspired affirmations.

This is my favourite part, it’s….

Your Turn! What is one major stress in your life, what would be the ideal outcome from that and how would that outcome make you feel? Once you know that, you can create your affirmation!

Happy affirmation creation!


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