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8-Minute Meditation for Relaxation and Coming Back to the Present Moment

Hey gorgeous,

Do you ever experience those moments when you're on the brink of exploding, even if it's over the smallest of things? It's likely that it's been brewing for a while. Something has happened in the past that still sits within your body and you haven't had the chance to process it and let it go. Naturally, it's still there, simmering away while you attempt to get through the day as if nothing has happened which as we all know, is only going to cause more pent up emotions and stress.

Well gorgeous, let me help.

Use this 8-minute guided meditation to experience a deep sense of relaxation as you become conscious of your life force energy - your breath. This all-levels mindful meditation is designed to help you detach from stress and tension and bring you back to the present moment as you allow gentleness to wash over you.

Watch and listen to the meditation below.

I hope you find this meditation deeply relaxing and healing.

With love and gratitude,


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