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What it Means to Step into Your Power

Hello powerful one,

Are you like many souls who say, ‘I want to step into my power’ yet the words expressed are tainted with an unwelcomed sense of doubt, fear, or unknowingness? It’s a confusing desire particularly if you’re unsure of what stepping into your power actually is, where your power is, and how to get it.

During my twenties, I wanted to commit to stepping into my power, yet the statement felt a little off. It felt difficult to attain as though I should be searching for it in the external world or replicating certain 'powerful' qualities that I saw in others. Ironically I was relinquishing the very power I was searching for because I was looking for it in all the wrong places. Externally searching for my power made me powerless.

Stepping into your power isn’t something that you need to chase or uncover. It isn’t something that only shows itself after certain highs or lows in life. And it certainly isn’t something that’s in the lost property basket.

Your power is not outside of you, it’s within you; it always has been.

So, how do you tune into it and embrace it?

Firstly, it’s helpful to explore your beliefs around power; do you believe being powerful is a good thing? Unfortunately, many of us are taught early on to reject our power because it’s mostly seen as bad. Power corrupts, power leads to deception, and power will take over us and force us to hurt others (sounds all too familiar doesn't it!).

But the truth is, power is within the enquirer. You.

You decide what your power is and how you wish to use it. Consequently, you decide who to give your power to. If you’re easily influenced by what other people say about you, then you’re giving away your power unnecessarily. If you decide to withhold your gifts and skills through fear of rejection and judgment, then you’ll suffer, and your power suffers.

Your power is the courage to be curious about the world and your interest in expanding your growth as a spirit. It’s the courage to live your joy, embrace what you’re good at, and show up every day as a reflection of your inner beauty and wisdom. Your power is learning to receive and learning to allow; being in the flow with the Universe but also governing what you do in the now.

You could say that power is a beautiful dance of self-expression and a knowingness that where you are in life is your choice.

I find that making space for my power is essential if I’m to truly tune into it. And this is as easy as consciously quietening my presence; a type of meditation where all you need to do is to be. No music. No mantras. No candle flame to watch. Just be with yourself. Watch your thoughts but don’t question or judge them. Become one with yourself in the now and that’s where your power will meet you.

From my power to yours,


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