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A 93 year old Grandmother’s perspective on life

Hello lovely,

This is a very personal blog post I want to share with you because I feel it speaks volumes about what a good and successful life actually is.

My gorgeous Grandmother passed away peacefully in early November 2015. She was 93 – many would say, “Well at least she had a long life!” but you know what – it doesn’t matter. Yes it brings us comfort that she had 93 solid years of living but it’s never really about quantity. Like they say, ‘It’s quality, not quantity”. So as I sat down this week to write Grandma's eulogy (instead of a funeral in November we’re celebrating her life this weekend as it would have been her 94th birthday), I found myself thinking about what it actually means to have a good life.

What does a successful life actually look like? How can we all live a great life?

Let me tell you about my Grandma and maybe her life can inspire yours….

Grandma was the type of person who was happiest when she was with her family and friends. Her upbringing was a pretty rough one – so much so that she left home at the age of 12 – imagine that! If I were in her shoes I don’t even know where I’d start or how I’d make my life work especially at such a young age! But she made it work and she essentially started her life at that point and became Miss Independent. Her childhood completely shaped her view of what a great life was.

All she wanted was to be loved and to share love……isn’t that what we all want?

She lived comfortably so material things weren’t a problem for her but I believe that even if she had nothing, she’d be happy if she were surrounded by the people she loves. So it’s interesting that as I began writing her eulogy I discovered that Grandma really did have a wonderful life because she honored what was important to her…

Sure it sounds 1960’s hippie, but seriously – look within yourself for just a moment. Isn’t that what you want too? Material things aside, isn’t the opportunity of sharing love with others the ultimate of a successful life? I believe so. No material things could ever bring that kind of emotion – I don’t care how financially rich you are! Cars, houses, jets, and jewellery aren’t going to love you back I can assure you. They’re just one teeny weeny element to life but they’re certainly not the entire thing.

So what’s this love business all about???

To receive love is like one giant fuzzy hug. It totally melts you into a thousand pieces and yet you feel the most complete you could ever feel. It hurts and excites you all at the same time. It’s totally confusing but feels oh so right…..and after all of that, love, when other elements of life aren’t involved, is simple and pure.

So Grandma has left quite a huge legacy even though I hadn’t realised it when she was here with us physically.

I believe that’s what we genuinely do. When a soul crosses over we reflect on how we lived. Did we love completely? Did we have a great life? Did we make something of ourselves? Maybe that’s what we should all be asking ourselves right now before it’s too late.

I’d love to hear how you’re fulfilling these big questions in your own life right now – leave a comment below and share it with us. 

Here’s to Grandma and to all the beautiful souls that teach us that love is what makes a successful, wonderful, and amazing life. Love really does conquer all.

With big love,


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