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Work with the magic of the Moon to 
manifest your soul-aligned life

Did you know the Moon holds transformational energies that can open you up to incredible opportunities? In fact, the cycles of the Moon are so powerful that they can deeply impact your health, mood, relationships, career, intuition, soul path - basically every aspect of your life. Imagine how much your life would improve if you understood how to work with each Moon phase so you could harness the lunar energy to manifest and celebrate your soul's desires. Well, now you can with Moonifesting!


Achieve your soul-aligned goals and a greater sense of joy, clarity, and purpose, one Moon phase at a time

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Soul Guide | Moon Journal | Manifestation Planner

Moonifesting is your personalised roadmap to achieving your soul-aligned goals. More than scheduling and creating to-do lists, Moonifesting is a guided manifestation planner, meets self-love and gratitude journal, meets Higher-Self connection. By focusing on specific and simple spiritual practices that align with the natural cycle of the Moon, you can succeed in living your dreams not your tasks, and confidently weather any storm that may come your way.


Practical and spiritual practices all in one book

Moonifesting is a 6-month, 278- page undated moon journal that combines a manifestation planner, self-growth check-ins, gratitude journal, and self-love practices.

It’s the Netflix of the journal world!


Start working with the Moon, anytime, anywhere

Track when each Moon phase appears in your geographic location with this fill-in-the-blanks Moon Calendar. This will help you know where to focus your intentions which ultimately stop that feeling of overwhelm or a sense of, ‘What the heck am I doing with my life?!’


Manifest your goals with ease and flow

The Desires Road Map is your way of defining what you genuinely want in life so you can stay laser focused on your goals. Then the Lunar Cycle plan gives you a bird’s eye view of your goals, habits, and moods. It’s the ultimate way to simplify and create your ideal life!

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A fully guided spiritual resource at your fingertips

Unsure which spiritual or manifestation practice to do for each Moon phase? No problem! Moonifesting offers gratitude prompts, 6 soothing meditations, self-love reminders, inspiring affirmations, 6 mandala colouring opportunities, and journal questions to help you shed the old and embrace the new at specific moments of the Moon cycle.


So, you can forget about trying to make life work for you and instead enjoy the organic balance between creativity, taking inspired action, and restoring your soul.


Moonifesting is for you if you want to...

  • Discover what your soul is yearning to achieve for the coming month, three months, year, and beyond – this opens the door to joy, clarity, and purpose!

  • Know when to harness the lunar energy to manifest and celebrate your soul’s desires so you can say goodbye to procrastination and uncertainty – helping you embrace the natural ebbs and flows of life instead of experiencing resistance and obstacles

  • Stay motivated, dedicated, and mindful of your progress so you can continue on your path with confidence knowing that you're on the right track

  • Surrender and let go of what is holding you back while freeing up space to invite more magic into your life.


All this is provided in over 270 beautifully-designed pages with simple bullet-style layouts to inspire creativity and full expression of self.


Moonifesting includes 5 important sections: 

1. The Moon Phases

This is the beginning of creating the life you truly desire. It includes:

  • A beautiful graphic of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere Moon phases so you can start to understand what each phase looks like

  • A Moon calendar that you can easily fill in any time of the year no matter where you're located

  • And a comprehensive spiritual guide on all 8 Moon phases that you’ll be working with throughout the rest of Moonifesting. So you don’t need to know a single thing about the Moon or its phases since Moonifesting takes all the guesswork out of it!

2. The Moon Ritual

Working with the Moon and the Universe, and honouring yourself and your goals is a sacred practice. Often, when we create a ritual around something (i.e. do something with intention and care), we tend to focus better and create a deeper sense of purpose and commitment to our journey. This is why an easy-to-follow, step-by-step moon ritual guide has been included in Moonifesting with a more detailed ritual guide for the Full Moon. Of course, following the guide is optional but it certainly creates a sense of power and devotion to something bigger than ourselves. In the Moon Ritual section, you'll learn:

  • How to create your very own sacred space

  • How to connect to the four elements and open up your space to become fully present and receive the powerful energy of the Moon.

  • And importantly, how to close your space to help your unconscious mind understand that the ritual is finished which allows the Universe to get to work in helping you achieve your soul-aligned goals. 

3. Soulful Practices

Self-care is a vital ingredient to creating the life you want because when you're feeling good about yourself, good things happen, so in this section you’ll:

  • Create a self-care agreement to ensure you continually give yourself the essential love that you deserve

  • Learn about ways to simplify your life which creates more space for inviting new and exciting opportunities 

  • Open up your intuition and use intuitive tools such as tarot or oracle cards depending on what level of self understanding you need or whether the Moon is in a New Moon or Full Moon phase

  • Work with crystals and learn about which crystal is especially good for each Moon phase. Crystals are high vibratory tools so they're a wonderful addition to Moonifesting.  

Of course, each practice is optional and is only provided to expand your skills if you're open to it. Remember that the beauty of Moonifesting is that it's YOUR practice, so you can dabble in all the practices, or just a few, or none at all. It's up to you how you want to Moonifest. 

4. The Desires Road Map

Of course you want to get things done with less effort (don't we all!) because stressing over what the heck you should be doing with your life can seriously affect your energy levels and mood, not to mention stopping you from fulfilling your purpose! For this reason, the Desires Road Map of Moonifesting has been included to take out the confusion and frustration surrounding the uncertainty of what you truly want to invite into your life. The Desires Road Map will:

  • Help you gain a clear view of how harmonious and balanced your life is

  • Provide a visual representation of where energy is abundant and where energy is lacking - this is vital as wherever energy is lacking, that's where your focus for each Lunar Cycle will be

  • Ease the uncertainty around your life purpose and instead promote faith and trust in yourself and the Universe as you Moonifest

Without the Desire Road Map, you'll have no way of truly knowing what it is you want which would make manifesting with the Moon incredibly difficult. There are 3 Desire Road Maps (1 every 2 lunar cycles) because as you grow and evolve, so too will your needs and wants in life. 

5. Let the Moon-ifesting Begin

The rest of Moonifesting is in journal format where you’ll be gently guided and inspired as you move through each Moon Phase for a total of 6 cycles. This is where you'll be inviting what you want into your life whilst releasing all that you no longer need. In this section you’ll find:

  • 6 Lunar Cycle Plans to help you see your goals, intentions, habits, and moods from a birds-eye view

  • Regular journal prompts to bring more insight and awareness to your journey and who you are on a soul level. These prompts are specifically themed to each Moon phase you are working with so there's no repeating the same questions like many other Moon journals

  • Soothing script meditations and mantras (6 in total)

  • Soul-led affirmations which are beautifully designed to inspire and keep you on track

  • Mandala colouring in opportunities to help you come back to the present moment and release any residual tension, stress or other low vibes

  • New Moon and Full Moon oracle card journaling prompts to gain an even deeper understanding of what you're bringing into your life and what you're ready to release

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Moonifesting is your ultimate Moon guide, manifestation planner, self-love and gratitude journal and higher-self connection practice.

Start your Moonifesting journey now and realign your life to the natural ebb and flow of the Moon and Universe

Moonifesting features and specifications:

Moonifesting features:

+ Undated edition with 6 Moon Cycles (closely equivalent to 6 months) so you can start anytime of the year
+ Bullet point layouts for simplicity and ease of writing or drawing
+ A comprehensive guide on the spiritual meaning of all 8 Moon phases (this is particularly useful for beginners!)
+ Editable Moon Calendar for both the Southern and Northern Hemisphere
+ A Moon ritual guide for the Moon phases with a more detailed ritual for the Full Moon
+ A self-care agreement and suggested soulful practices to help restore your own sense of wellbeing over the next 6 lunar cycles
+ 3 Desires Road Maps to take the guesswork out of what you truly want in life (this helps you know what you’ll be working on during each Moon cycle)
+ 6 Lunar Cycle plans; similar to a monthly plan, which gives you a bird’s eye view of your goals, intentions, habits, and moods
+ Regular journal prompts, inspiration, self-restoration, and self-love reminders found throughout each of the Moon cycles
+ New Moon and Full Moon Oracle card spread layouts and prompts
+ 6 soothing scripted meditations and mantras
+ Regular soul-led affirmations to raise your vibration
+ 6 Mandalas to colour in (hello relaxation!)
+ 10 note-style A4 pages to write or draw whatever inspires you


+ Size: A4 (210 x 297mm or 8 ¼ x 11 ¾ inch)
+ Total page count: 278
+ Cover: Soft cover
+ Paper: 70lb / 105 gsm environmentally friendly sourced white paper
+ Packaged using eco-friendly materials

Manifest Your Ideal Life
with Moonifesting



Hi, I'm Erin

Founder of Eringy and creator of Moonifesting

Believe it or not, I created Moonifesting for myself because I felt a deep call to heal but couldn't find anything out there that integrated the help of the energies of the Moon, the Universe, or my Higher Self. Before creating Moonifesting, I was all in my head - I procrastinated over my life path, worried about the little stuff, and filled up my days being incredibly busy but, in the end, felt that I had achieved nothing. I needed a sacred practice that could help me find clarity in my path, reach my goals with ease, and connect me to something bigger than myself considering life is not a solo venture. 

So, Moonifesting was born. As I worked through the journal, I started feeling so much more at peace and aligned with my purpose. It was such an organic and natural approach to healing and manifestation that I realised Moonifesting needed to be shared with everyone (especially lightworkers, empaths, and highly sensitive people). 

So here it is! 278 pages of soulful intention and guidance just waiting for you to embrace. I think it's time you too heal your life and invite more of what you truly deserve and desire. And you can, one Moon phase at a time! 



Embody what matters to you and give yourself the gift of self-love, intuitive connection, and soul-aligned purpose with 


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