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Is This it For You or is There More to Life?

Hey gorgeous,

As I sat staring at the computer screen, listening to the hum of the air conditioner and the muffled sounds of work colleagues talking, I became increasingly worried that this may well be it for me. Had all those hard years of study, working night shifts, and squeezing in casual jobs during University been for nothing? I looked around the room at fellow work colleagues in the hope they’d give me an understanding nod of ‘Yes Erin, I too feel the pinch of resentment towards my job’ but no, they looked genuinely happy. ‘Great for them’ I thought, but then I became even more worried; was I wasting my time trying to look for meaning and joy in life that mightn’t even exist? Resigning to the fact that this was it for me, I decided to pull up my ‘lady pants’ and continue to work in a job I despised. Over the next three years, the whisper in my heart of, ‘You’re meant for bigger things’ became increasingly louder, but I was too scared to act upon it, let alone, believe it!

Stepping into your greatness doesn’t happen overnight. It can take years, sometimes even lifetimes, to uncover the inner strength, determination, and power we all hold. Yet every day we’re tested—in our career, relationships, health, personal and spiritual growth, etc, to uncover the true essence of who we are.

Each day we’re asked to go beyond the limitations we’ve placed upon ourselves so we can eventually venture into the unknown even though we’re unsure what awaits us. That’s what greatness is. It’s about taking charge of your life by accepting responsibility for how it’s playing out, irrespective of the shortcomings you’ve experienced.

Greatness is when you dare to dream and dare to do, despite the fears and doubts you may have. It’s about listening to your soul’s whispers, believing in its guidance, and taking the plunge because you know that that’s how you’ll come to understand just how boundless you are.

I finally decided to listen to my heart and take the plunge in the hope it would lead me to greatness. And although it was one of the scariest things I’d done, the thought of missing out on truly living was even scarier! I realised that if I stayed where I was, I wouldn’t be contributing in a way that made me feel good. I wouldn’t be living in alignment with my values or to my soul’s whispers. I’d miss out on honouring the importance of making the most of this lifetime; it’s what I signed up for after all! That was my turning point and I’ve never looked back.

So gorgeous, let me ask you this question:

What’s your turning point? What’s the price you’ll pay if you don’t listen to the knowingness of your heart? What will you regret doing in life if you don’t take the plunge now?

I'd love to hear your answers in the comments section below!

Don’t wait for the ‘perfect’ time, just do it now.

Love from your greatest fan,


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