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New Moon Ritual Workbook

Harness the power of the New Moon to create new dreams, goals, and desires

Taking part in a new moon ritual is one of the most powerful ways you can co-create the life your soul wants. It's a time to set new intentions, explore your deepest desires, illuminate the parts of you that no longer serve your highest path, and tap into the vibration of gratitude for all the abundance and magic that's all around you everyday.

But it can be tricky to work with the potent lunar energy if you're unsure how to take part in a New Moon Ritual. That's why the New Moon Ritual Workbook was lovingly created to help you connect with the lunar energy, breathe light into your life so you can uncover your gifts, skills, and talents, and embody the true essence of your spirit. Your purpose and mission here on Earth is profound and important. But often with everyday life being so noisy and busy, it can be easy to forget why you have come here and how you can get back to your wholeness and fullness.

The New Moon Ritual Workbook can shift your energy from living with uncertainty and procrastination, to going with the flow and taking inspired action to reach your ultimate dreams, goals, and desires.

Download your Free workbook to practice your very own New Moon Ritual

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  • Comprehensive steps on how to prepare for your New Moon ritual, what you will need, and how to create a sacred space so you are fully ready to embrace the incoming energies.

  • A beautiful invocation to connect with the fullness of the lunar energy as well as the four elements which is important to ensure you are grounded and fully present.

  • A New Moon oracle card reading spread and a direct link to Erin's current New Moon energy forecast reading so that you know exactly what you to surrender and embrace during the lunar period.

  • Opportunities to tune into your intuition and gratitude prompts to keep those abundance high vibrations going.

  • Plus - you can use the workbook over and over again each time the New Moon arrives!

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