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Connect to Your Intuition

Access your inner wisdom to connect to your life's direction and purpose, supported by Erin's insightful collective energy predictions

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Latest Monthly Energy Forecast

Tune into your intuition as you watch this month's energy forecast guidance reading. Find out what is coming into your awareness this month, how it's affecting you, what to surrender and embrace, and so much more. This is the Universe's way of communicating how best you can navigate and embrace each month so you can live in alignment with your heart.

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Lunar Phases Energy Forecast Videos

Align your life to the natural rhythm of the lunar cycles to stay on

track to reaching your heart-felt desires.

Full Moon Energy Forecast

Discover what the Full Moon lunar phase holds for you through Erin's latest Full Moon energy reading. Gain insights into the potential aspects entering your life and identify what you might be prepared to release. This process can liberate you from barriers and blocks, clearing the path for a happier and more fulfilling life.

New Moon Energy Forecast

Leverage Erin's energy forecast reading to find out when it's the most optimal moment to sow the seeds of your intentions, determine which goals to set, and how to align your goals to your intentions to make it even easier to manifest your dream life. With the help of the Universe, anything is possible!


You deserve to feel good

Need to create healthy habits?

This FREE monthly self-care calendar can help!

Use the ERINGY calendar to dedicate yourself to a self-love and self-care routine featuring yoga, meditation, intuitive guidance, and self-reflection exercises.

This calendar (updated monthly) removes the guesswork from nurturing your spiritual and physical well-being, making it effortless for you to show up and enjoy a diverse range of daily practices that promote holistic well-being in mind, body, and spirit.

It doesn't get any easier than this, so download the latest free self-care calendar today!

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